After several years of slumber, after years of creating and adjusting, the time has come.

From the ashes of The Saturnine, a new collective of musicians was born. VetrarDraugurinn (Icelandic for The Winter Ghosts) is the vehicle for the song writing by guitar player Eric Hazebroek, who surrounded himself with musicians he trusts, likes, and respects. With the main goal being the creation of honest and beautiful music, without being held back by public expectations and genre specifics, the collective will attempt to catch the soul that hides within each and every song idea, with the main ingredients being melancholy and a pinch of darkness.

The individual members all have their back stories and their history in the Dutch music scene. The line-up consists of Arjan Heijden (ex-Daeonia) on bass, Jim van de Kerkhof (ex-All for Nothing) on drums, Marjan Welman (Autumn) on vocals, Thomas Cochrane (Hologram Earth) on guitar, and Eric Hazebroek (Stream of Passion, ex-The Saturnine) on guitar.

2017 Will see the finalization of the band’s debut release.

We are the whisper among the trees, the chill of the Winter wind, the shadow on the snow covered fields, the ember in the fire. We are the wolves at your door.

Marjan Welman // Vocals
Eric Hazebroek // Guitars
Thomas Cochrane // Guitars
Arjan Heijden // Bass
Jim van de Kerkhof // Drums