2 Years have passed since their debut album “Hinterlands” (Painted Bass Records)
has been released, but now the Dutch melancholic (post-doom) metal band

“The Night Sky” is a collection of melodic, diverse and dynamic tracks,
in which the subjects Loneliness and Death are its solid foundation.
Heavy 8-stringed guitars, a growling bass and colossal drums
together with dark, enchanting voice of Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon)
form the mix that surpasses any genre. This 2nd full-length album
harbours 8 epic and sombre songs with a total playing time of 55 minutes.

The band, formed by guitarist/songwriter Eric Hazebroek (Pilgrimage,
ex-Stream of Passion), exists since 2016 and has walked the
narrow path of odd musical choices ever since. Conjuring their own
sound by combining a wide variety of influences from the doom,
gothic, and atmospheric metal. Unique and free from boundaries.

With an experienced and talented line-up, which besides Eric and
Marjan is made up of Jim van de Kerkhof (drums // ex-All For Nothing,
ex-Morning), Thomas Cochrane (guitar // Hologram Earth, Dystopia),
and Arjan Heijden (bass // ex-Acrid, ex-Daeonia), VETRAR DRAUGURINN’s
aim is to write honest and humble music, with a newly found and mature approach.

In the 5 years since their official start the band has released the
album “Hinterlands” and debut EP “I” upon the world. Growing from
release to release, the progression can be traced all the way to
their newest work which will will see the light of day on October 1st,
2021. Positive reviews followed every release.

Since 2016 the band had the privilege to share the stage with the
likes of Swallow the Sun (FIN), Wintersun (FIN), The Eternal (AUS),
October Tide (SE), Ancient Bards (IT), Xandria (DE), AntiMatter (UK),
and Mayan (NL).

The Night Sky” will be the first release through their own label Dark Skies
Coming. The music industry is not what it used to be, which made them
choose to make this new album available through the streaming services
and through the band’s official Bandcamp and other websites. A challenge
the band dares to take. A continuation on the Narrow Path…

Marjan Welman // vocals, Eric Hazebroek // guitar, mellotron,
Thomas Cochrane // guitar Arjan Heijden // bass, Jim van de Kerkhof // drums, percussion

For Fans of: Paradise Lost, Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade,
The Gathering, Katatonia, Fields of the Nephilim, The 3rd & the Mortal