Vetrar Draugurinn is a Dutch band formed around guitar player Eric Hazebroek
(Pilgrimage, Stream of Passion); show casing his unique style of incorporating
melancholic melodies with heavy, downtuned riffs and his eye for subtle
detail and diversity. The result being a vessel that walks a different path and
breathes life into a new and distinctive entity.

Despite the Icelandic name, the band came to life in the Netherlands.
To complete the line-up Eric asked the help of 4 talented, experienced
musicians/friends, namely the angelic yet dark voice of Marjan Welman
(Autumn, Ayreon), versatile drummer Jim van de Kerkhof (All for Nothing),
fellow 8 stringed guitar player Thomas Cochrane (Hologram Earth),
and long-time collaborator Arjan Heijden (Manifest, Daeonia) on bass.
A collective pursuing the same goal; to create music with sincerity.
Without any boundaries of genre or expectations.

Since the official conception in 2016, the band has created and released
music in the form of the EP “I” (2017) and the full-length album
“Hinterlands” (2019 – Painted Bass Records). Progressing into their own
sound; slowly morphing into what has become a full-blown Melancholic
Metal band. Their sound shows hints of several genres and could conjure
up memories of bands as diverse as Katatonia, Swallow the Sun,
The Gathering, Paradise Lost, Ghost Brigade, A Perfect Circle, 3rd & the
Mortal, and Alcest. Borrowing a cup of sorrow from the doom,
progressive and gothic metal scene along the way.

“Hinterlands” was well received. The 11 tracks on offer caused a diversity
on references in reviews, yet all extremely positive. Two years later and
the band is moving forward once again. 8 Brand new tracks have been
written and recorded for album #2. The music is darker, more atmospheric,
sometimes heavier and slower, sometimes ethereal, epic and minimalistic,
tied together by the soothing vocals of Marjan Welman. The future looks
bright for Vetrar Draugurinn. Etching their own place in the doom
metal genre. Walking the Narrow Path. Watching the Night Sky.

Shine like the stars on an otherwise starless night / Like Polaris as my slowly withering guiding light / All adversaries may think they have won the war. / But we’re not going down without a fight

Marjan Welman // Vocals
Eric Hazebroek // Guitars
Thomas Cochrane // Guitars
Arjan Heijden // Bass
Jim van de Kerkhof // Drums