We can officially announce today that VETRAR DRAUGURINN has been confirmed to appear at next year’s edition of the FemME Metal Event in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We will make sure that we make the ground shake with our heavy, low-tuned doom-y melancholic metal… Hope to see you all there, as this festival is a great one to add to your list.


Thank you all who showed their trust and support by pledging for our crowdfunding campaign. Being an independent band is hard work and we our incredibly grateful that all of you are on our side. We surpassed our goal with still 2 weeks left on our campaign. We hope that this will secure some more trust in everyone who hasn’t pledged (but want to). The manufacturing of our EP has become 100% certain.
We are humbled… grateful… and enjoyed by what the future might bring.


Dear friends,
A big step forward in our journey has been taken yesterday. Our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to manufacture our debut EP on CD and Vinyl has started!!
We are offering you some nice perks (and our heartfelt music) for some cash input in return. We hope you all want to join us in our fight for independent musicians. We are music fans too. We are not that different. 😉

If you want to support us, help us fund the EP, follow the link below…
You will have our gratitude. And Sharing is Caring!



Eric Hazebroek

Dear friends,
The time draws near to enter the next chapter towards our debut EP release. NEXT week we will start our crowd funding campaign to hopefully raise enough funds to manufacture the physical discs. We gathered some nice perks and we are putting down the last details before releasing it upon the world,

Stay in the loop and connect to our Facebook site, Twitter account, and Mailing List.

Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/cbW1dH
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vetrardraugurinn
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vetrardraugur
Website: www.vetrardraugurinn.com

Plans have been brewing and we are heading towards a lot of markers for our near future release. Our debut will become a 6 track, limited EP. 2 Tracks will be of songs that will appear on our debut album, albeit in a different form. 2 Tracks will be original VetrarDraugurinn songs that will not be available anywhere else than on this EP. And the last 2 tracks will be of 2 songs we appreciate and respect (covers); which will also be exclusive to the EP. We are starting recording at the end of October.

We would like to make our debut extra special and release it in 3 formats, namely CD, vinyl and digital download. We’re already eyeing our future artwork and researching the best manufacturers. But getting our music out in these formats and into your collection will be quite a task – physically and financially. To keep up momentum we are planning to ask your support by starting a crowdfunding campaign at the start of October. We will be offering some cool perks, and we will keep you all up-to-date with the entire process – as it happens! More about this all, soon…

But what does it sound like?! Well, we have a small snippet of one of our pre-production recordings (with the first draft of the vocals) out on the internet at the moment. You can find it: HERE.

More coming your way soon, my friends…


As you all might know, VetrarDraugurinn has been around for a while, but lying in slumber. Waiting for the right moment to emerge. Throughout the last 3 years I have been writing songs, and when a few months ago the news reached that Stream of Passion would no longer exist after this year, it was time to arise.
At this very moment there are 11 songs in some form of existence (and more brewing in the background). And as we have been slowly rehearsing, testing, writing, the time has come to think about our debut release. We are excited by the music that’s breaking through, and we want to share it with you all.
The current thought is to record a 5 or 6 song EP, containing only 2 songs that will ever make it to our debut full-length album (and in a different form anyway). The other songs will be 2 cover songs and 1 or 2 songs especially written for this EP.
We want the artwork to be atmospheric and gloomy, and worthy for vinyl. We would like the EP to be released in 3 different formats; vinyl (10″), CD, and Digital Download. Of which the first 2 options will be available in limited quantities.
Crowdfunding seems like a logical road to take. We would only need your help for the actual production side of it all, as recording is ours to finance. We hope that all of you are willing to help us out when the time comes.

Remember, this all is still just a thought, and we won’t start anything until we have a more solid idea of our time schedule. But please share our enthusiasm and dream along with us of times to come… 😉



To all…

Another rehearsal planned, and today we focussed mainly on the very first song. While Jim, Douwe and Eric were playing the song to get it more into their system, Marjan was studying the brand new lyrics in search for the right vocal melodies. Uncharted territories, with a brand new chorus as result. The very first time we heard vocals on a VetrarDraugurinn song, and we couldn’t help the smile on our lips. What we expected, became reality. Marjan’s vocals were exactly as expected, and they fit like a glove.
The song has an official title now… Song number 1 (also known as Ember) has become Bleak Earth.

Next rehearsal in 3 weeks, and quite some work to be done in the meantime. Soon more.



What is Vetrar Draugurinn? What does it mean? Why a new band? What can we expect?
Vetrar Draugurinn is in some way my solo project. After The Saturnine died a slow death a little while back I really needed a new vehicle for my song writing needs. I’ve been writing songs in Manifest, Daeonia, Trisomy, DiTCH and The Saturnine, and I desperately need a way to vent those urges; express certain thoughts and emotions. The thought of releasing my new music under my own name was (at first) not an option, so I searched for a monicker that reflected the images behind the sounds. I was drawn to snowy landscapes, melancholic memories, desolate and abandoned locations, otherworldly… loneliness in nature or urban situations. I came across the term The Winter Ghosts. But history always told me that there’s always someone else that comes up with the same idea, so I started looking for a translation in a different language; just to be sure that I was the only one. Icelandic seemed a logical choice. Internet told me at first that The Winter Ghosts in Icelandic should be Veturinn Drauga. That looked awesome, and I was happy with my choice. I slowly started mentioning the name on Facebook, until an old friend of mine said it wasn’t correct. He’s living in Iceland and married an Icelandic woman, so he helped me out with the right version of The Winter Ghosts. Vetrar Draugurinn.
So, with songs and a name it was time tot hink about what to do with the eventual recordings of the songs, and most important who… Who did I want to contact to translate my first self-written music since 2007? Throughout the years I ran into many great musicians, and I knew that if I was going to ask, some of them would be delighted to help me out. But I wanted something else…
Vetrar Draugurinn could be a band. No hired help, just friends. People I knew were up fort he task and of which I knew they are friendly, happy individuals that would get my philosophy behind making music in general. I found the best musicians among the closest of friends… And now it’s 2016. Things changed and we rubbed the sleep from our eyes to kick start Vetrar Draugurinn into gear. We needed a goal, a deadline. And we created one. Before the end of 2016 we need to have finished the album. There are close to 12 mostly finished songs, and we’re working hard to hammer out the dents and bes ure the songs are the best and the most sincere we can make them. The band is planning. Shows in 2017, looking fort he right company to release the album, the right friends to ask for help. Month 4 of 2016 is about to start and the buzz is starting to grow.
VetrarDraugurinn is a melting pot of influences from the likes of Ghost Brigade, Katatonia, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, Paradise Lost, Draconian, and more. Together with the legacy of The Saturnine i twill be different. Different from the individual members’ current projects/bands. Something else… It’s too early to send some full songs out into our brave new world, but soon we will.

Eric Hazebroek