The first steps into the real world are here. We are happy to inform you that today we can unveil the artwork and track listing of our upcoming 2nd full-length album, which will bear the name “The Night Sky”. Scheduled Release Date: October 1st, 2021.

The album will hold 8 epic, diverse, dynamic and intense songs, that showcase the band’s best and most mature work to date. An album beyond genre boundaries, an album made without disruptive influences from the outside world. We still like to call it Melancholic Metal, but we know this doesn’t say much to some of you. We touch and absorb the intensions behind doom and gothic metal, as well as hints of atmospheric and post metal. But most of all, it sounds like Vetrar Draugurinn.

Track listing “The Night Sky”:
1. The Observer (5:45)
2. The Night Sky (7:36)
3. Lansdown Hill (4:46) (featuring Mark Kelson of The Eternal)
4. The Fear of Letting Go (6:23)
5. The Lonely (6:30)
6. Our Lady of Perpetual Emptiness (6:06)
7. As I Drift on an Ocean towards a Distant Shore (7:36)
8. Reynisfjara (10:32)

The beautiful and atmospheric artwork and layout of this album will be once again created by the talented Gogo Melone ART.

This album is a big step forward for the band and shows that they have carved their own niche in the scene. Lifting this album above the maelstrom and making it their best to date.

A special (limited) pre-order/funding will be available from June 1st, 2021.The band is releasing the album under their own label Dark Skies Coming, which means a lot of extra work and asking the help from others. The special pre-order is to generate funds to take care of the marketing side of this release, so the world will know it exists and it gets the attention this epic album deserves. We will be offering the album as Digital Download, CD and vinyl, as well as some limited edition perks. We hope you all are as excited about this release as we are, and we hope we can count on your support to make this release as epic as its songs. More news to come soon!

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