As you all might know, VetrarDraugurinn has been around for a while, but lying in slumber. Waiting for the right moment to emerge. Throughout the last 3 years I have been writing songs, and when a few months ago the news reached that Stream of Passion would no longer exist after this year, it was time to arise.
At this very moment there are 11 songs in some form of existence (and more brewing in the background). And as we have been slowly rehearsing, testing, writing, the time has come to think about our debut release. We are excited by the music that’s breaking through, and we want to share it with you all.
The current thought is to record a 5 or 6 song EP, containing only 2 songs that will ever make it to our debut full-length album (and in a different form anyway). The other songs will be 2 cover songs and 1 or 2 songs especially written for this EP.
We want the artwork to be atmospheric and gloomy, and worthy for vinyl. We would like the EP to be released in 3 different formats; vinyl (10″), CD, and Digital Download. Of which the first 2 options will be available in limited quantities.
Crowdfunding seems like a logical road to take. We would only need your help for the actual production side of it all, as recording is ours to finance. We hope that all of you are willing to help us out when the time comes.

Remember, this all is still just a thought, and we won’t start anything until we have a more solid idea of our time schedule. But please share our enthusiasm and dream along with us of times to come… 😉



To all…

Another rehearsal planned, and today we focussed mainly on the very first song. While Jim, Douwe and Eric were playing the song to get it more into their system, Marjan was studying the brand new lyrics in search for the right vocal melodies. Uncharted territories, with a brand new chorus as result. The very first time we heard vocals on a VetrarDraugurinn song, and we couldn’t help the smile on our lips. What we expected, became reality. Marjan’s vocals were exactly as expected, and they fit like a glove.
The song has an official title now… Song number 1 (also known as Ember) has become Bleak Earth.

Next rehearsal in 3 weeks, and quite some work to be done in the meantime. Soon more.