We are delighted to announce that we will celebrate the release of our album HINTERLANDS (set for a March 28th release) with a very special CD release show on Sunday March 31st, 2019 at Willemeen, Arnhem.

The day will see 2 bands in support (which will be announced soon as well). We will do our best to make it a more than memorable evening with a special setlist and special guests.

We would be honoured if you (and your friends, family, colleagues) would join us and celebrate music.

December sees the first step onto our official road to the release of our debut full-length album “Hinterlands”. Today we reveal the outstanding artwork by Gogo Melone (http://www.gogomelone.com/), especially made for this album. We couldn’t be happier with the end result. It paints the right melancholic picture to host our collection of songs.

The album “Hinterlands” will be released through Painted Bass Records on March 28, 2019. Soon more info about the pre-order and inside knowledge about what kind of building blocks this album is made of.

More news. We are just getting started. As of last weekend we have joined the ranks of the JBM Bookings roster for all shows; national and international. Together with a.o. Autumn, Kingfisher Sky, Phantom Elite, Damian Wilson, and Antimatter. We are planning and working hard to storm the stages in 2019 to promote our upcoming album.

All those interested in booking Vetrar Draugurinn to their stage/venue/festival can contact Katja van der Kraats through the details provided in our CONTACT section.

We are happy to announce that as of last Saturday Vetrar Draugurinn has signed a deal with Dutch upcoming record label Painted Bass for the release of their full length album “Hinterlands” in March 2019.

During a special moment at this year’s FemME festival Eric (Vetrar Draugurinn) and Peter (Painted Bass) signed the contract under the watchful eyes of Katja (JBM Events), Joey (Painted Bass) and our very own Marjan.

In the upcoming months the band will put the finishing touches on the artwork for the album (and some for the new shirts), before the whole business side of things will take over. We will keep you up to date!

We can announce that we will play a special show on Sunday December 30th at De Schakel in Budel-Dorplein. We were invited by some old friends and we are happy oblige. This show will be a stripped down, atmospheric show with old and new songs, plus a few nice surprises. Not a full-blown acoustic show, yet not a regular full-electric one either. No drumkit, no distorted guitars. We hope to see you all there, and maybe we will make it a tradition. All in all, a nice way to end the year and prepare for the assault that is coming early 2019…

For ordering your tickets, please send a mail to: marleovideo@gmail.com

Summer is almost done and so is the mixing of our debut album. It’s been a hard task, but we think the result is great. 11 Grand songs that live up to our expectations. We hope it will please you as well.
While we are busy arranging and negotiating all kinds of agreements in the background to make this release happen the way it deserves, we also planned a gig to get back into the swing of things. On November 3rd we will be supporting Wintersun on their exclusive request show at Fluor, Amersfoort. We will play some of the new tracks.
To make things even more exciting we added 2 new band photos to this site. To give you an idea how things are looking at the moment.
Your patience will be rewarded. More news soon.

Summer is gone. And we’re preparing for our next journey. There are 12 songs at the moment that we are preparing for recording; to be included in our debut album. Some are completely finished, some need more work. All are very much Vetrar Draugurinn.
Now that are group of musicians has officially expanded to 5 with the inclusion of Arjan Heijden on bass (as a replacement for Douwe de Wilde) and Thomas Cochrane (who was already our live guitarist) we are gearing up to perfect and test the new songs and crank out the older songs.
After the recording of our debut album we will take some time to look for an interested company that might want to release the album. If that doesn’t bear fruit we will probably release it through Dark Skies Coming Recordings…
We will keep you updated!
The Winter Cold is coming closer…

With our debut EP “I” scheduled for release on March 30th we thought it would be the right time to open the opportunity to pre-order it in 3 different formats through our Bandcamp page.

Follow the link below and be sure to secure your copy (download, CD or 12″ vinyl). The CD is limited to 500 copies and the 12″ (available from mid-May onwards) will be limited to 300 copies.


The CDs already arrived and are ready to be send out soon!

We’re happy to announce that from this day on we are represented by the mighty LOUD NOISE for all bookings! LOUD NOISE is one the strongest rising stars in the booking agencies in The Netherlands at this moment. Creating and building several of their own festivals, and booking tours with some of the biggest names in the louder genres. We are looking forward to break several barriers in the upcoming year with the LOUD NOISE team! CHEERS!!