On October 1st we released the album onto all streaming platforms and as a Digital Download through our Bandcamp site. Our plan was to be able to at least release the album on CD on this particular date as well, but these turbulent times had a different idea.

Normal turn-over time for the manufacturing of CDs is 3 weeks and we ordered our first batch of the new album way ahead of the release date. But something went wrong at the CD manufacturing plant. 3 Weeks before the release we received completely out of the blue a box with CDs. Happy at first, but that feeling turned quickly to shock when we opened the CD and found that the digisleeves were not as the ordered format. After a quick contact with the manufacturer they quickly went ahead with manufacturing the right digisleeves. Silence followed, and the release date passed. But happy times came back today, as we received the new digisleeves to go ahead with the release of our album. Tomorrow we will try to ship out all CDs that don’t need to be signed. From this weekend till the next we will try to sign all CDs and Test Pressings that were sold during the entire preorder period. We are glad to be able to move ahead.

2LPs, Vinyl Packs
During the preorder we offered the new album on double heavy weight vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. And this vinyl in combination with the vinyl version of our debut EP “I” in a Vinyl Pack. We already knew that the manufacturing of vinyl suffered from the huge rise in popularity, and that the turn-over time between ordering and receiving the actual vinyl moved from 3 months pre-pandemic to 7 months during the pandemic. That would mean that they would be available in November 2021. The current status (as stated by the vinyl manufacturer) is that we (the band) will receive the vinyl albums early December. The unsigned versions will be send right away. The signed versions will be send a.s.a.p. This could take an extra week. This will unfortunately also be the case with the Vinyl Packs.

I hope you all understand that we are not happy that this situation has occurred. The CDs thankfully will be send shortly. We hope you will accept our apologies for this delay and will continue to support us on our musical journey.

With kind regards,

Eric Hazebroek
(& the rest of Vetrar Draugurinn)

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