Today is the day! We are happy to announce today we officially release our second full-length album, “The Night Sky”, upon this unexacting world. 8 Brand new songs about Death and Loneliness, wrapped with heavy guitars, thunderous drums and the angelic voice of Marjan Welman.

This journey took us 2+ years and guided us across the ever narrow path of odd musical decisions and unwarranted setbacks; the biggest one being a pandemic. Early on in the process we unanimously decided to make an album we wanted to make. Without confirming to expectation, without working towards genre rules. We can say that we managed to write a cohesive and strong collection of songs that are based on the emotions we felt and on the different and diverse influences we gathered throughout our musical lives.

It’s not an easy album. Not a record you put on in the background while doing chores. It’s an album that sort of demands the listener’s full attention. It’s layered.

Due to the lack of record company support, the album will only be available through this website, and our Bandcamp page (http://vetrardraugurinn.bandcamp.com)

We hope you will enjoy the music on offer, and that it may bring you some solace in these dark times. Thank you for your trust and your support…

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