More news. We are just getting started. As of last weekend we have joined the ranks of the JBM Bookings roster for all shows; national and international. Together with a.o. Autumn, Kingfisher Sky, Phantom Elite, Damian Wilson, and Antimatter. We are planning and working hard to storm the stages in 2019 to promote our upcoming album.

All those interested in booking Vetrar Draugurinn to their stage/venue/festival can contact Katja van der Kraats through the details provided in our CONTACT section.

We are happy to announce that as of last Saturday Vetrar Draugurinn has signed a deal with Dutch upcoming record label Painted Bass for the release of their full length album “Hinterlands” in March 2019.

During a special moment at this year’s FemME festival Eric (Vetrar Draugurinn) and Peter (Painted Bass) signed the contract under the watchful eyes of Katja (JBM Events), Joey (Painted Bass) and our very own Marjan.

In the upcoming months the band will put the finishing touches on the artwork for the album (and some for the new shirts), before the whole business side of things will take over. We will keep you up to date!