Ghost Story: a little peek in our kitchen


What is Vetrar Draugurinn? What does it mean? Why a new band? What can we expect?
Vetrar Draugurinn is in some way my solo project. After The Saturnine died a slow death a little while back I really needed a new vehicle for my song writing needs. I’ve been writing songs in Manifest, Daeonia, Trisomy, DiTCH and The Saturnine, and I desperately need a way to vent those urges; express certain thoughts and emotions. The thought of releasing my new music under my own name was (at first) not an option, so I searched for a monicker that reflected the images behind the sounds. I was drawn to snowy landscapes, melancholic memories, desolate and abandoned locations, otherworldly… loneliness in nature or urban situations. I came across the term The Winter Ghosts. But history always told me that there’s always someone else that comes up with the same idea, so I started looking for a translation in a different language; just to be sure that I was the only one. Icelandic seemed a logical choice. Internet told me at first that The Winter Ghosts in Icelandic should be Veturinn Drauga. That looked awesome, and I was happy with my choice. I slowly started mentioning the name on Facebook, until an old friend of mine said it wasn’t correct. He’s living in Iceland and married an Icelandic woman, so he helped me out with the right version of The Winter Ghosts. Vetrar Draugurinn.
So, with songs and a name it was time tot hink about what to do with the eventual recordings of the songs, and most important who… Who did I want to contact to translate my first self-written music since 2007? Throughout the years I ran into many great musicians, and I knew that if I was going to ask, some of them would be delighted to help me out. But I wanted something else…
Vetrar Draugurinn could be a band. No hired help, just friends. People I knew were up fort he task and of which I knew they are friendly, happy individuals that would get my philosophy behind making music in general. I found the best musicians among the closest of friends… And now it’s 2016. Things changed and we rubbed the sleep from our eyes to kick start Vetrar Draugurinn into gear. We needed a goal, a deadline. And we created one. Before the end of 2016 we need to have finished the album. There are close to 12 mostly finished songs, and we’re working hard to hammer out the dents and bes ure the songs are the best and the most sincere we can make them. The band is planning. Shows in 2017, looking fort he right company to release the album, the right friends to ask for help. Month 4 of 2016 is about to start and the buzz is starting to grow.
VetrarDraugurinn is a melting pot of influences from the likes of Ghost Brigade, Katatonia, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, Paradise Lost, Draconian, and more. Together with the legacy of The Saturnine i twill be different. Different from the individual members’ current projects/bands. Something else… It’s too early to send some full songs out into our brave new world, but soon we will.

Eric Hazebroek

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